Does your organization have the courage to recruit from other industries?

Brice Group recently facilitated a workshop focusing on diversity and inclusion for a Finnish management team in the pharmaceutical industry. The aim was to shape the organization's mindset when it comes to diversity and inclusion. We also worked on the recruitment process to enable diverse recruitments.

The definition of diversity can vary, but often referred to in terms of

  • Sex
  • Nationality
  • Age
  • Education
  • Careers
  • Industry

Our focus during the workshop was to help the organization to shape organizational diversity mindset. We also worked on impacting ther ecruitment process to attract and retain talents with diverse backgrounds

  • Stimulate bold recruitments
  • Hire for talent, not only experience
  • Hire through structured competency-based interviews

To get an outside-in perspective, we invited a panel of leaders from industries outside Life Science.

Here are some of the discussion points and outcomes shared by the external panel:

  • With the right cultural fit and proper onboarding industry experience is secondary.
  • Onboarding is important, but the right mindset from organization and employee from a diverse background is pivotal.
  • Important when onboarding employees with diverse backgrounds: Transparency with the team about not knowing everything. If you are a leader with diverse background let the team be experts where they are experts. Listen, show respect, and humbleness.
  • Don´t rule out candidates only based on education unless crucial for the role.
  • It´s not about the product or technical background, it´s about talent.
  • ” If diversity is going to change, WE have to change.”
  • The organization need to embrace and nurture diversity. You can´t recruit people with diverse backgrounds and just leave it there.





Some reviews from the day:

”I thought I knew a lot about diversity since I have received  training before…but this day changed my thinking. Eye opener. It was great to be challenged with my previous thinking”.

”Day well planned. Excellent mix of ”lecture”, workshop and external guests. We need to get these things into practise. In the next recruitment we need to start with competency based interviews - from job description to advertising.”

”Great panel discussions.”

”Increased knowledge around my own bias on diversity. ”

”Brought up new ideas and actions for future hiring processes.

”Good to learn from others and share best practices.”

”You have great thoughts and motivate people well, thanks for that”.

”Make me think about my own biases.”

”Prepare more open job descriptions and advertising.”

”Great day on an extremely important topic - diversity”

”Guest session was one of the best parts."

”New learnings and the provided interview guide will come in use.”

”Great that we had team discussions, learned also from colleagues”.