Executive search and specialist recruitment

Executive search and specialist recruitment

Executive search and specialist recruitment

Recruiting key roles is one of the most crucial and strategic decisions companies have to make. It simply has to be right.

At Brice Group, we have many years of industry experience in executive search, specialist recruitment and interim appointments. We also have extensive experience working as senior executives and board members in listed- and unlisted companies at global, Nordic and national level, primarily within life sciences. Thus we have a good understanding of the hiring manager's perspective and can be consultative, challenge when needed and support throughout the processes. From our extensive industry experience on both the client- and consultancy side we can offer an extensive network of candidates and interim consultants. It helps us being efficient and fast in our processes when identifying high quality candidates.

A successful executive recruitment requires both a comprehensive assessment of the client organization and a carefully crafted job profile. It is important that we truly understand the client's business and the Company culture, in order to find the perfect match.

In the executive Search process, we work with four main steps:

In recruitment, Brice Group uses scientific and empirically proven methods to ensure optimal results in the selection of candidates.

Through interviews with key executives and stakeholders within the company, we find out what the needs and requirements for the position we are recruiting for. When needed, we can make suggestions based on our experience, what profile that suits the purpose.

Successful recruitment usually requires a wide range of candidates. We have a large network of competent candidates. We know how to find and attract the right people based on an job profile and the competencies needed. This enables us deliver on our mission of attracting and appointing the right employees and interim consultants for the assignment with precision, speed, and in close dialogue with our clients.

For us, it is crucial that both the client and the candidate have a positive experience from the recruitment process perceiving a professional approach at all stages. We are well aware of the investment new clients make when choosing a new partner. Candidates make a similar investment both in terms of time and emotion when they choose to enter into the recruitment process.

When we receive an assignment, we are part of the client's brand and are ultimately responsible for a professional and quality candidate journey. We nurture the trust enbling successful and longlasting partnerships.

We are happy to provide you with contacts to both reference clients and candidates to give you an idea of how we work.

We use competency-based interviews as well as SHL's testing tools: assessment of personal characteristics (OPQ) and skills tests. We assess verbal, numerical and logical reasoning skills. For roles where in-depth background checks should be carried out in addition to reference checks, for example when appointing a permanent or interim CEO/CFO, we work with a specialised third party.

Throughout the recruitment process, we measure and evaluate our work so that we know we are doing the right things to reach the desired results. We work with digitalised processes where we can continuously produce all the important key figures that ensure the quality of our work for you as a client.

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