Organizational development and leadership

Our methods are based on a combination of practical experience, models/tools in leadership and team development paired with current research in work psychology.

Below are programs that Brice Group consultants have conducted with individual employees or management teams. For more information, we are happy to put you in touch with reference clients who have taken part in the programs.


Brice Group's coaches help individuals and teams with professional development, enabling them to achieve their personal and/or professional goals.

The coach can play a crucial role in helping the client to develop successfully and increase the ability to manage change and create meaning.

Examples of goals can be:

  • Self-awareness - Understanding how well your self-awareness matches your colleagues' perception of you.
  • Identify drivers and strengths and how this can be translated into stronger leadership.
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of what the responsibilities of roles entail.
  • Increase confidence and awareness of how to lead yourself and others.
  • Increase awareness how to improve great collaborations and co-creation and what makes teams effective and successful.
  • Improve communication.
  • Inventory of personal characteristics and how to promote effective teamwork.
  • Giving constructive feedback.

Methods are based on a combination of practical experience, models/tools in leadership and team development paired with current research in work psychology.

Workshop or inspirational lecture

Why is diversity a business opportunity?

How does diversity build competitive advantage?

  • What is diversity
  • How do people from different backgrounds contribute to a competitive advantage?
  • How to build a winning diversity culture

Panel interview with external leaders from different backgrounds:

  • External leaders share personal experiences of how and why employees from different backgrounds can provide a competitive advantage and lead to increased profitability.
  • Case studies
  • How to build an organizational culture that is open to diversity.

Identify your organization's drivers, barriers and develop concrete action plans to win through diversity.

Workshop or inspirational lecture

  • Brice Group shares insights on what makes an attractive workplace for existing and future young employees (interviews with employees are conducted before the workshop).
  • External panel of young talents invited for Q&A.
  • Your organization will be helped to identify what you can offer and what is attractive to young talents.
  • Identify drivers and barriers to attracting and retaining younger talents.
  • Develop concrete tactical plans to make your organization an attractive employer for young talents.

Why competency-based interviews are crucial in recruitment processes

  • What is a competency-based interview?
  • How do we use it and what is the added value?
  • Introduction to the competency-based framework
  • Introduction to structured interviews

Workshop exercises and simulation; competency-based interviews

Brice Group provides competency-based frameworks, interview guides, and sample competency-based questions for use during- and post workshops.

Workshop or inspirational lecture

Examples of areas:

  • What are successful sales
  • How do we move the customer up the sales ladder
  • Customer segmentation and mapping
  • Account planning - Activities and KPIs
  • Presentation techniques