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KAM Immunology/Hematology, Norway

Interim, Pharma

On behalf of our customer - a global Pharmaceutical Company – we are looking for an interim Key Account Manager within Immunology/Hematology, covering Norway.

Period and Scope: 12 months, full-time.

Location: Norway

As The Company prepares for an upcoming launch, they recognize the importance of a strong team, playing a central part at this stage. To ensure launch excellence, they are looking for an additional key resource. This role is crucial, helping the Company to navigate the launch smoothly, effectively and successfully.




In close cooperation with national KAM Norway, Marketing Manager and CEO you will:

Map Prescribing Clinics in Hospitals;

·      Conduct a detailed analysis of the various departments within hospitals to identify clinics that prescribe medications.

·      Utilize internal hospital data and collaborate with hospital administration to gain an overview of medication prescribing patterns.


Inform Doctors and Nurses about the product;

·      Develop a comprehensive presentation plan that includes the benefits and uses of the product.

·      Organize training sessions and workshops to increase awareness and knowledge about the product among healthcare professionals.


Validate Global Marketing Materials and localize to the Norwegian market in Norway;

·      Review and adapt existing marketing materials to the Norwegian market, including translations and cultural adjustments.

·      Collaborate with local marketing experts to ensure that the material is effective and meets all regulatory requirements.


Distribute Brochures and other Instructions;

·      Create informative and easy-to-understand brochures and instructional materials for The product.

·      Develop a distribution plan to effectively reach target audiences, including hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies.


Conduct Market Research;

·      Conduct market research to understand the needs and preferences of Norwegian healthcare professionals and patients.

·      Use the collected data to fine-tune marketing strategies and the product offerings.


Stakeholder mapping and engagement

Healthcare Analysis Experience:

·      Experience in analyzing hospital departments, particularly in medication prescribing areas.

·      Familiarity with various hospital departments and their functions, especially those related to medication prescribing.


Data Management and Collaboration

·      Skills in using hospital data and working with hospital administration.


Communication and Training Abilities

·      Ability to develop presentations and conduct training for healthcare professionals.


Marketing Adaptation and Compliance

·      Background in adapting marketing materials for specific markets, with a focus on regulatory compliance.


Material Development and Distribution Planning

·      Experience in creating clear brochures and instructional materials and planning their distribution.


Market Research Skills

·      Competence in conducting and applying healthcare market research.


Core Competencies

·      Good project management and interpersonal skills.

·      Ability to collaborate effectively with various levels of management.

·      Familiarity with the pharmaceutical sector, preferably with the products like the product.

·      Proficiency in English, and Norwegian, for effective communication in the target market.




For more information, please contact:

Adina Lekberg Salamon, +46 73 974 43 34,