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Chief Executive Officer


Chief Executive Officer to Medical Device Company


The company is developing the future systems for the treatment of internal solid cancer tumors. The goal of the proprietary and patented treatment system is to eliminate deep-seated cancer tumors and prolong the survival of cancer patients while maintaining their quality of life. When prostate cancer recurs, there are often no established treatment options other than lifelong hormone therapy, with its associated side effects.

The company has its roots in research at Lund University and the technology is based on long scientific research and clinical treatments with PDT, photodynamic tumor therapy at Lund University Hospital. Globally, a total of about one million PDT treatments for skin tumors are performed annually. The company has further developed this method for the treatment of internal solid tumors. The company’s interstitial PDT system with its proprietary IDOSE® software is a completely new medical technology system for treatment planning and dose delivery of laser light.

The company is listed at Nasdaq First North Growth Market



-The technology is very promising. The board is aligned in the view that the incoming CEO has a solid knowledge in how to manage clinical trials as well as in the regulatory processes. You have experience from the development of medical devices. Commercial experience in a listed company is preferable, you know how to utilize the results from trials commercially.

As CEO you will make sure the promising results and possibilities regarding the technology is further developed in a strategic direction. The strategic plan shall be operationalized in a clear action plan with short term tangible milestones as well as clear longer-term objectives.

The CEO will manage day-to-day operations. The right candidate must be ready to create a high performing team, build and model a great company culture, provide inspired leadership to the colleagues.

The CEO will establish a good working relationship with the board of directors and set a course for company strategy.

Invest in highly selective essential evidence-building R&D

Set up and secure that necessary clinical trials are run flawlessly and effectively.

The company, having the routs at Lund University, and is based in Lund, it is a strong preference that the CEO is based in the region.




This is a hands-on role that requires someone who is both operational and strategic, able to fluidly navigate and integrate at the scientific arena as well as with financial analysis, investor relations duties and the capital market.

-Ability to operationalise strategic directions and decisions in a structured, speedy and effective way.

-Knowledge of P&L, balance sheet, cash flow management and general finance and budgeting

-Excellent communication skills both in speech and writing in English and Swedish is important.

-To be successful the candidate needs to be a self-motivating, goal-oriented entrepreneur personality having a significant “can do attitude” with a sense of urgency.

-You need to understand discovery and development in the medical device industry.

-The candidate needs to have the capability and experience in building a high performing team.

-You have the ability to understand new issues quickly and make wise, calculated decisions in a timely manner.

-You are a strong negotiator.



-You have experience of working in a leading position in, preferably smaller listed, medical device or biotech companies, and used to interacting with authorities and investors.

-You are an experienced and inspiring leader. A good team leader.

-Experience in Business Development in the medical device industry is advantageous.

-International experience is a plus.



For more information, please contact Anders Larsson, Partner, 073 203 46 91 or anders.larsson@brice.se or Morgan Eilenberg, Partner, at 073 359 05 50 morgan.eilenberg@brice.se